Author’s Note

Wednesday, 9 July 2003 — 5:17pm

To answer a few introductory questions, without going through the trouble of making a completely separate FAQ, which I probably should do at some point or another anyhow: No, this is not a story-of-my-life diary thing – I already have one of those in physical form. Yes, I plan to receive hate mail, and relish in the prospect. No, my film and lit reviews (should they occur at all) will likely not be as comprehensive as those I used to write several websites ago. Yes, the title of this site is an obvious reference to Casablanca. No, you won’t find a shred of Nick-related gossip worth spreading, with the possible exception of the occasional less-than-impressive Scrabble moments, so don’t even bother. Yes, I realize that everything on this site is purely my opinion and should therefore be taken as nothing less than gospel truth.

This site is likely a temporary creation, and I will nomadically move around to newer sites with snappier, more standards-compliant designs (i.e. 100% stylesheets, 0% tables) and completely different foci at some point or other. You will likely quote me on this later and laugh, because I am apt to put this off.

But for now? Read on.


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