When lightsabres fail, press charges

Friday, 25 July 2003 — 12:12pm

Straight from the BBC:

Star Wars video prompts lawsuit

Ghyslain Raza became known as the “Star Wars Kid” after a video of him using a golf ball retriever to emulate the light sabre slinging tricks of Darth Maul was posted on the net.

The video was hugely popular and some people even added effects to make the golf ball retriever look and sound like a light sabre.

But the public exposure of the clip proved a burden for Mr Raza, who has been through psychiatric care to cope with his unwanted publicity.

The lawsuit says that Mr Raza has had to endure harassment and derision from his school mates and the general public because of the publicity that the clip received.

It also says that Mr Raza is undergoing psychiatric care to cope with the publicity and reaction.

Lawyers for Mr Raza are claiming compensation of 225,000 Canadian dollars (£100,000) from the four boys who allegedly stole the video and put it online.

Personally, they really should put this kid in Episode III. He’s a martyr of the fan community, the first of the millions to be caught in the act of Star Wars fantasy.


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