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Wednesday, 10 September 2003 — 10:40pm

In another random fit of nostalgia, I tried some of the trivia quizzes on the Peanuts website today and found the vast majority of the questions to be way too easy, excepting those founded on 1990s material – which I largely missed out on due to the strip’s mysterious lack of syndication in The Calgary Herald. The lack of Peanuts was and still is a major problem of that newspaper’s.

But lo and behold, the Internet is always so eager to provide a solution. This brings me to my honourable mention of Timothy Chow’s Peanuts Trivia Quizzes.

There are exactly two things about that website that scare me. The first is that I can actually answer a good portion of the obscurer questions. The second is that I find myself stumped by equally as many. Granted, I remember such characters as Eudora, Lila, 5, Truffles, Thibault and “Shut up and leave me alone” – if you have no idea who these are, go read some of the older anthologies – but then I encountered such questions as, “What proposed explanation for banning The Six Bunny-Wunnies Freak Out from the school library led Sally to quip, ‘In that case, they should also ban my math book!’?”

A completely unrelated news item: today marked the season-opening session of the University of Alberta Debate Society. It’s like returning to a second home.


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