Smoke me a kipper

Tuesday, 16 September 2003 — 9:58pm | Television

Considering that we’ve had about a total of fourteen episodes in the past decade due to the work on the movie, you’d think that Red Dwarf would be well under its smegging way by now. But according to Danny “The Cat” John-Jules in his interview with Sci-Fi Online, we have a ways to wait yet. Shooting does not commence until next year.

Although it does not appear that Rob Grant is involved in the production, from the early promotional material it seems that Doug Naylor took more than a few cues from Grant’s novel Backwards, particularly with the inclusion of the simulants in a post-extinction-of-the-human-race scenario. Of course, I have no idea how this will fit into the Series VIII continuity of a re-created Dwarf where Captain Hollister and a thousand others were brought back to life. But we’ll see.


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