Separation of Powers, Part II

Sunday, 21 September 2003 — 10:34am | Studentpolitik

Despite my initial excitement, the 9 September Students’ Council meeting was not all that exciting. In fact, much of it was a testament to inefficiency, as Council spent a good segment of the meeting swabbing the deck of miscellaneous Standing Orders such as the regular singing of O Canada. Last Thursday’s issue of The Gateway was quick to jump all over this one in the return of Council Forum. The real issue to address, that of the separation of Students’ Union powers into legislative, executive and judicial branches, did not make it to the Second Reading.

The Minutes for that meeting are bundled with the 23 September agenda. Here’s hoping they get to the actual legislative business within an hour this time around. As far as the Separation motion goes, I expect no less than a fierce fight on both sides of the coin – but failing that, could it at least be entertaining?


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