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Thursday, 25 September 2003 — 1:42pm | Journalism

Today’s issue of The Gateway was fairly notable. First was the much-anticipated Council Forum, which I wish was twice as long so it could give the activities of the evening a proper drubbing. No chance of that regarding the smoking ban policy, of course, as the paper is staunchly vocal in its opposition of the prohibition recommended by the Senate. However, they did call Science Councilor Duncan Taylor “Red Hat Guy” (albeit erroneously identifying him as representing Arts), which leads me to wonder what they are going to say when they find out about his reputation concerning sheep.

This issue also marked my return to writing for The Gateway after a fair absence, with this opinion piece on talking garbage receptacles, which do in fact exist. I first saw them in North Hill Mall, Calgary back when I went 11-3 in a very successful Winter Tournament, a pivotal event when I finally started to break out of the bottom-division rating threshold. It was not until a few days ago that I finally identified the product itself, WasteCare Corporation’s “Smart-Pack” intelligent trash compactor. Don’t you just love technology?

Anyway, be sure to check out the article here. There are some editorial errors that were mistakenly introduced, such as the HAL9000 misquote, which I originally wrote as the correct “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid you can’t do that.” I’ll forgive Adam… this time.


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