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Tuesday, 7 October 2003 — 4:45pm | Scrabble

It’s funny how much happens when you don’t update a weblog for a week. There’s that The Return of the King theatrical trailer, for starters, and I could probably write pages and pages of commentary on my reactions to that thing but that would be redundant, as the collective orgasm of the Tolkien community – at least, the half of it that adores the Peter Jackson films – has already been heard twice around the world by this point.

Then there’s the announcement of Pixar’s Film Seven concept, Ratatouille. All Pixar news is good news. It will be interesting to see how it performs without the Disney label, though I have a hunch that the Pixar name by itself far outclasses Disney on the reputation front at this point in time.

Last weekend I also played in Division 3 of 4 at the Western Canadian Scrabble Championships in Calgary. The final tournament results are online. I placed seventh in a field of twenty due to a botched Round 17 where a win would have placed me comfortably in third. I lay the blame for my loss squarely on a fatal mistake down a triple line, where I misread my opponent’s blank R in NASTIER as an S – twice – and in doing so, lost two turns in a row and allowed her to take both triples down that lane. I’m still not over it.

In a few minutes I will be heading off to tonight’s Students’ Council meeting. The Agenda and Late Additions are both online. Tonight is the big vote on the Separation of Powers bill, as well as a Tuition/Budget presentation from the Provost. It’s going to be one heck of a meeting; expect commentary later tonight.


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