Ten things I learned in Toronto

Tuesday, 28 October 2003 — 11:35pm | Debate

I learn a lot from every tournament, but this one in particular.

First, hitting Kevin Massie and Mike Saposnik in the very first round under the following conditions: a) they are on Closing Government, b) you are on Closing Opposition, and 3) they are having a wild time bringing church/state separation into a resolution that the CA openly admitted was designed for quick adjudication – means you should make it a back-half round and take a second. I took a third.

Second, if you are not sure whether you are talking to your billet or just someone who looks astonishingly identical to him, allow your partner to find out the hard way – especially if said partner can actually tell the difference between two black leather jackets.

Third: Even if you are one of the only two people in the Great Hall who appreciate the live presence of the super-duper Gordon Webster Quintet at the kind-of-black-tie banquet, talk to the band anyway and discover just how cool they are.

(Corollary to Three: The reminder of my continued swing-dancing deficiency was indirect, but unsettling.)

Fourth – “Seventy-five cents for a kick in the stomach is better than just a kick in the stomach.”

Fifth: Preschool class presidents should form a federal political party.

Sixth – it’s particularly enheartening when you make an obscure Homestar Runner reference in your public speech room, and Everybody, Everybody gets it. I topped my room that round.

Seventh, a complete Sunday brunch of bacon, eggs, sausages, cranberry juice and breakfast tea between break rounds is of incomparable value.

Eighth, given just how rusty my British Parliamentary skills are, I’m almost glad I am no longer debating, but rather judging at Singapore Worlds.

Ninth – the fact that fifty percent of the CUSID West teams in attendance won the tournament, as opposed to zero percent of Central, indicates that the west really is getting in, and that Greg Allen is going to need a new trophy room very soon. I think their performance was bolstered by a voice like a deep river.

Tenth – Hart House seriously knows how to run an amazing tournament; no wonder they hosted Worlds back in 2002. If they look to pull off something this good again next year, I will be in attendance. Given the whole shebang about Ottawa’s and Toronto’s BP tournaments being back-to-back, this is not necessarily a solid expectation, but even if it’s run in CP I’d consider going.


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