The separated powers that be

Friday, 31 October 2003 — 7:31pm | Studentpolitik

It’s about time, but I finally made my second appearance of the year in the University of Alberta paper, The Gateway. The piece concerns separation of powers and how its foundational principles would be beneficial to mankind – that is, on the surface. Beneath the surface, the piece is actually about, well, absolutely nothing.

There actually is one significant difference between the piece that was run and the original draft I sent in. It lies in the passage that reads, “Let us bypass the obvious political examples of iron-fisted dictatorial menaces holding power more concentrated than alcohol in a high-school student.” The boldface indicates the euphemism that they wisely substituted for “Lister resident”. There has been quite a feud going on for awhile now between angry Lister Hall residents and The Gateway, mostly concerning the latter’s alleged dissemination of a negative stereotype that the University’s most populous student residence is a breeding pit of drunken debauchery. The veracity of this claim is heavily disputed on both sides.

I confess, I was rather looking forward to the hate mail – but the edit was probably for the best. In a sense, it should demonstrate that no, the paper does not have some kind of angry unilateral vendetta against students in residence.

Or to quote Duncan: “Anyone see the article in today’s gateway? I tore it from a friend’s hand and stomped on it…. I was then told that it wasn’t actually about seperation of powers. I appologised.”

Happy Halloween, folks. By the way, M.Bison is the best costume ever.


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