When bankruptcy is justified

Monday, 17 November 2003 — 12:35pm

If you pick one week to go completely broke, this may be it. Forget all the Christmas presents you plan to buy your friends and family – there are some personal priorities at hand.

The Two Towers is released in the form that everybody actually wanted it to be in from the start. Let It Be drops the willy-nilly frilly. Mario Kart finally comes to GameCube (and let’s not even get started on that Zelda anthology offer). Knights of the Old Republic arrives for the PC. Heck, a Homestar Runner CD comes out this week.

Go out and spend some money. I am, of course, excited enough about each and every one of these items to potentially review them at one point or another, though I’m saving The Two Towers and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for a full home theatre experience, so I will be behind everyone else by around two weeks. I’ll live.

My wallet, however, might not.


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