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Tuesday, 18 November 2003 — 2:56pm | Journalism, Studentpolitik

Today’s issue of The Gateway was one of the best in recent memory, for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is a front-page article about the UADS heading to Singapore for Worlds over the Christmas break. For those of you who don’t already know, I am one of the six judges along for the ride. Also check out the accompanying photograph, in which Sharon displays one of the cuter expressions in her extensive library of subtextually evil glares.

David Berry scores the Opinion Article of the Week by very accurately dissecting the appeal of Students’ Union political advocacy as lying in empty stomachs rather than actual support for a given cause. Any article with a reference to “SU President Mat Brechtel, or VP (External) Chris Samuel, or, God forbid, Business councilor Steve Smith” is automatically a riot. Granted, Berry makes some errors, such as congratulating Mike Hudema’s success with media awareness when the former SU President is about as guilty of misinterpreting student support as one can get, and mistakenly tying the Speak Out! lectures to Executive initiatives, but he’ll receive his comeuppance in a future Letters to the Editor.

Speaking of which, Letters – consistently my favourite section, and one that only appears in the print edition – featured two significant entries today. The first was from Raymond Biesinger, last year’s Managing Editor, on a matter of factual accuracy regarding Canadian troops in Iraq. “Note,” he writes, “that if two jeeps were to fill the proverbial ‘left, right, and centre,’ they’d be one jeep shorthanded.” The second letter of note was a piece from Chris Jones clarifying a frequent item of student ignorance and misconception, that of the relationship between university funds and the construction of brand spanking new Engineering buildings.

Student journalism rules.


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