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Thursday, 20 November 2003 — 10:16am | Comics

I actually missed a pretty big item in my bout of Gateway-praising last post. It was a review of the new Bob the Angry Flower anthology, The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy!!!

For those of you out there who have never heard of Bob, go catch up right now. Suffice to say, he is arguably the greatest contibution to society ever to come out of the University of Alberta, and possibly the most culturally significant thing to be associated with the city of Edmonton that isn’t named Bioware. Actually, given how Knights of the Old Republic is crashing on me every five minutes, it darn well trumps Bioware.

Yesterday, creator and all-round cool guy Stephen Notley was selling and signing books in the Students’ Union Building, and I managed to pick up a copy. I can now check “autographed comic strip collection with sketch of main character” off my Lifelong Scavenger Hunt item list.

Quite appropriately, up in the UADS office we now also have this strip up on the wall. And don’t forget to pick up today’s issue of the Gateway for an important grammatical reminder from yours truly, which you can also read online.


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