The amazing disappearing year of 2004

Tuesday, 24 February 2004 — 2:19pm

First things first: Yes, I have seen Cold Mountain, Master and Commander, The Last Samurai and Lost In Translation, as opposed to a month and a half ago. What I did not do over the past month was post the hundred-strong Thailand/Singapore photo album. That will come; patience, little sparrows.

There are a number of reasons why I have decided to resume writing for this site, despite my firm insistence that it was a basic CSS layout experiment from its conception and is intended to be nothing more. The first is that at least three people have requested it offhand in the past three weeks. These people are commonly known as “geeks”, but I appreciate their readership regardless. Of course, if they would make themselves known by way of comments and annotations in response to the decidedly non-controversial things I say here, that would encourage the proliferation of this content.

The second is that the 2004-2005 University of Alberta elections for the Students’ Union Executive and the Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative are underway, and time willing, I intend to fortify this castle in the digital sky with parapets of insightful commentary and moats of extended metaphors. For the time being, this SU Webboard forum will suffice.

The Oscars are also quickly on their way, though this is one of those years where I am not terribly upset with the nomination shortlists. Some recapitulation of the state of film in 2003 is long overdue, but may finally come given that I have caught up on a lot of what I intended to see, and plan to ring in the new year by making this coming weekend’s The Passion of the Christ the first release of 2004 I bother attending.

Stay tuned, as I have all afternoon to kill, and will write like the wind – a wind with a pen. Or keyboard.


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