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Thursday, 11 March 2004 — 6:43pm | Journalism

Today’s Gateway rocks. Kyla Coulman writes the article we all needed (and in some ways, the one I always wanted to write myself), a diatribe against the menace to society that is Internet illiteracy. It’s about time somebody stood up for the preservation of our great language in the face of the barbaric throes of lazy idiots. Engineering Students’ Council candidate Graham Lettner proposes to Steve Smith, who finally deserves some recognition for being the God of Separated Powers, and consolation for the Legacy Fund referendum’s crushing defeat last week.

Congratulations to the incoming Students’ Union executive, by the way.

The University of British Columbia’s Pacific Cup tournament last weekend was heavy on rain, short on sushi and left this writer without a break-round appearance, but it came with one valuable lesson: should you ever encounter a Trivial Pursuit question about a college course commonly referred to as “Sadistics”, the answer is not Advanced Organic Chemistry.

Edmonton Opera presents the third and last performance of Madama Butterfly tonight. This has been precluded by outstanding homework in a most unfortunate manner. I would elaborate further, but there is little need for this little website in the sky to degenerate into the angst-filled ramblings of tearful bitterness one often associates with these mythical “blog” creatures. Even if it does, however, I promise linguistic standards will remain upheld.

Speaking of linguistic standards, the measurable quantity of forehead-slapping pettiness and ignorance in this CUSIDnet thread on the pluralization of the word “novice” is almost on par with the uproar about The Passion of the Christ being allegedly anti-Semitic, which it isn’t. Review forthcoming, someday.


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