"Gelinas" anagrams to "sealing"

Tuesday, 4 May 2004 — 12:50am

And sealing it up is exactly what No. 23 has done in both series thus far – first with the overtime goal against Vancouver in Game 7 two weeks ago, and now the solitary goal in tonight’s elimination of the Detroit Red Wings.

I did not live in Calgary in 1989, the year the Flames won the Stanley Cup. By that, I mean to say that I have never lived in a city where the home team advanced past any round in the playoffs, let alone to the Western Final or its Campbellian counterpart – until tonight. The continuous citywide hooting, hollering and honking of horns following the overtime goal and the otherwise scoreless contest that preceded it was an indication like no other that yes, the spirit of Calgary hockey is more than alive and well. It was not dead these past eight to ten years, just comatose – and now it’s awakened to enact what the movie advertisements called “a roaring rampage of revenge”, though I suspect I’m confusing it with another story.

The funny thing is, I had tickets to the game. But it’s only so often that one gets a chance to trek all the way across the city to hang out with enlightened defectors from Edmonton in a sports bar – and besides, as far as going to a Flames playoff game is concerned, there’s plenty more of that coming.

On an entirely symbolic note, after years of never really adjusting to the new team designs with the colour black and the snorting-horse insignia, I finally acquired a new Calgary Flames jersey. I wear it with pride.


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