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Sunday, 23 May 2004 — 9:39pm | Scrabble

Yes, I’m well aware that not only have I owed this website a review of the delightfully fluffy Shrek 2 since I saw it on Friday, I just called an ogre fluffy.

Speaking of calling things, word on the street is that there’s an election of some sort going on here in the Great White North. According to Elections Canada, no candidates have been confirmed yet for my riding of Calgary Nose Hill, though Conservative Party incumbent Diane Ablonczy, presently the Chief Opposition Critic for Citizenship and Immigration, is more than likely to run again. The 28 June balloting will be interesting indeed, in the sense that it’s a game of picking your poison, which should remind us all of the old adage that politicians act fast.

The 21st Annual Summer Tournament held by the Calgary Scrabble Group was this weekend, in which I played in the second of three divisions and finished with a 10-4 (+296) record. This should boost my NSA rating well into the mid-1300s, which locks me firmly into Division 4 (1200-1399, effectively 1000-1399) at this year’s National Scrabble Championships. However, as is the case with all players, I am eligible to play one division higher, which presents a game-theoretical dilemma. Division 4 offers a better shot at qualifying for the generous cash prizes that come with being consistent about slapping people around, but being seeded near the top of the division means that any performance less than stellar will tank my rating. Division 3 (1400-1599, effectively 1200-1599) offers better players, tougher competition, and the potential to get a big fat ratings boost like at today’s tournament, which boasted a similar range of players, but any hopes for moolah will be tempered. When it comes to major title events, does one play to do well, or play for the challenge and experience?

Speaking of Nationals, anyone who was either at Waterloo DDT or heard about Round 4 against Harthousie (Bond/Hoddes) may be interested in this document, the inspiration for what turned out to be an entertaining round of debate, to say the least.


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