Calgary West feels Robbed

Wednesday, 2 June 2004 — 8:39am

I told you I wouldn’t be talking about politics here, so I won’t. Nonetheless, the campaign being mounted by an organization known as Concerned Citizens of Calgary West to oust MP Rob Anders come 28 June is worth not only a mention, but a few honours for being skilfully punny. This is evident on their website and the banners that are going up, which profess to be “Giving Rob Anders the Full Nelson” in reference to his opposition to granting Mandela honourary citzenship. In response to inquiries about why their campaign is so Mandela-centric, I quote: “Because we think that this referendum on Rob, like apartheid, is a black and white issue.”

While the Vote Out Anders! team is busy digging up what they can about Anders’ record – and let’s face it, it’s fairly public, but one can never presume the citizenry is well-informed – there are two things I want to know about him: first, did he really debate in CUSID ten years ago, or was that back when the University of Calgary’s debating clubs were still departmental? Second, while it seems that he plays my second-favourite board game at the Sentry Box, is he any good?

As an aside, I generally avoid talking about my referrer logs as a matter of principle, but since the launch of the campaign yesterday, I have been receiving a surge of hits from people looking for the President of Concerned Citizens of Calgary West, Queen’s political science student Josh Kertzer, due a prior mention of him this post. This can only mean one of two things: either said Concerned Citizens are keeping an eye out for press coverage and Google PageRanks, or Team Anders is desperately trying to dig up some dirt linking him to an opposition party – an accusation that has already been leveled. If the latter is the case, I have some advice: don’t bother (but tell all your friends to visit my blog often and read my movie reviews).


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