Uh-uh-uh, you didn’t encrypt the magic word!

Monday, 5 July 2004 — 3:44pm

Apologies for the lag time between my last post and its actual time of publication on the site; it was not until late in the day that, upon receiving a notice that the University’s Computing and Network Services is slapping an SSL wrapper on e-mail access, I put two and two together and discovered that CNS has also decided to pull the plug on FTP access to its servers. It is all part of an effort to phase out the use of plaintext passwords, which means I can say goodbye to the ever-so-friendly drag-and-drop interface of the Windows-integrated Internet Explorer, and a belated hello to a bundle of drive-mapping tricks thanks to AFS. This also means I no longer have any use for IE6 other than testing website designs for compatibility, as I already make predominant use of the far superior Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser. As for this here weblog, worry not; after reconfiguring Blogger to use Secure FTP, I am now back in business.


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