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Thursday, 29 July 2004 — 1:52pm

I was making a few changes to the CSS code on this site in preparation for something big I’m cooking up for next week, when I realized that I had not done anything with the template-switching feature since I introduced it back in May. Back then I treated it as a nifty little gimmick to repaint the site in seafood-restaurant tones whenever I got sick of the default coffee colours, but never did anything with it that would warrant being called a full redesign.

A dash of technical wizardry ensued, and at long last, I present a third ‘Décor’ link to the right – one that I liked so much, I’ve set it as the default skin that first-time readers and those on public lab machines will encounter; if you miss the old look, it remains available. With a more nocturnal feel, sans-serif typefaces (for those of you who are into that kind of thing) and a cute little martini glass in the title image, all it’s missing is the muted wailing trumpet of Miles Davis.

This is still not a full redesign in that it is still constrained to the same tabular layout, and until I get a table-free, standards-compliant stylesheet nearly indistinguishable from the current setup, I won’t be pulling a Zen Garden anytime soon. Nonetheless, enjoy the new face of Nick’s Café Canadien – and there’s more where that came from.


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