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Saturday, 7 August 2004 — 3:14pm | Scrabble

This is what happens when you spend an entire week doing nothing but playing Scrabble, writing about Scrabble, and walking the streets of New Orleans thinking about Scrabble – say, looking at a packet of oyster crackers in a seafood restaurant whilst recalling the six anagrams of SALTINE (ELASTIN, ENTAILS, NAILSET, SALIENT, SLAINTE and TENAILS): you overlook major announcements back in the real world from whence you came. What’s the anagram of “Tom Marvolo Riddle”? Ralph Fiennes, it seems. One thing you cannot fault the Harry Potter films for is how it manages to attract the closest thing to a dream cast for each successive instalment, and seeing how Fiennes already played what I consider to be one of the great screen villains as Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List, it will be interesting to see what he brings to the role. The more films he does that erase the memory of 1998’s unforgivable butchery of The Avengers, wherein he played a far-too-young John Steed, the better.

I will be gone for another week – consider it a holiday from my holiday – but upon my return, expect some follow-ups to things I mentioned briefly in my Scrabble coverage this week. I hope to do a more comprehensive review of Word Wars, as well as talk a bit about the new prototype tournament boards that were distributed on the last day. Of course, one can’t forget about LEZgate, a story that has spread across the Internet thanks to appearing in an Associated Press story that made the front page of Yahoo! News yesterday. In the meantime, Bob Lipton is one of the few experts with much to say off the private tournament players’ mailing list. Those of you who enjoyed the coverage of my spectacular sinking into the bowels of Division 3 earlier this week should read the very best material there is on the tournament, the official tournament website’s own round-by-round commentary, which is an excellent account of some tournament highlights even I didn’t know about.

Remarkably, it’s a few days after the tournament, and stragglers touring the city for a few extra days can still be seen playing a few rounds at night in the hotel lobby downstairs.


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