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Monday, 30 August 2004 — 10:54am | Scrabble

Last Friday I got two rounds of Scrabble in with Dan Lazin of The Edmonton Journal, formerly of The Gateway. I will let him tell the story when the time comes (and direct you all to it accordingly), but know this: I still can’t believe I let him get away with SWANEES* for 80 points. The convenient excuse is that we were both thinking of SWAMIES. Fortunately, that was not the game that was photographed.

There is a word in that rack, WAENESS, but I do not recall there being a place for it at the time.

Remember Vote Out Anders? Leave it up to none other than Steve Smith to top it with a guerrilla campaign of his own: Defeat Jung-Suk Ryu. Do not be fooled, citizens: Ryu, an occasional reader of this blog (at some point or another, anyway) who has accumulated a few headlines by being the token nineteen-year-old running for Edmonton City Council in Ward 5, bears no relation to the dragon-punching, ha-do-ken-throwing karate champ of the same name – and that is the least of his hoodwinkings.

As mentioned on the site above, one thing that falls under scrutiny is Mr. Ryu’s frequent claims to have won university debating awards at the national level. This appears to be in reference to the Top Novice lamp awarded to him at the 2003 Hugill Cup, which I recall to be the direct consequence of both a Chris Jones judging decision in Round 5 and the disqualification of the actual highest-scoring novice at the tournament, Sharon’s pink rubber duck Bismarck. Sometimes I think debating should follow Scrabble’s example and award a prize for the Most Outrageous Phoney.

Unfortunately, Jung-Suk has removed his own campaign weblog, which is a tragic loss to those of us who derive hours of wild amusement from the obliviously shameless self-promotion of others. But replace a thoroughly guilty pleasure with a dissection akin to a Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I’d call that a net gain.

Lastly: I know I pointed this out last time, but is this the greatest blog ever or what? When the linguistics professors there are not busy busting malaprops they cover everything from lie detection to the phonetic sexual attraction of names. Just what advantage does ‘Nick’ confer?


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