Demos meaning "people", kratos meaning "big guy with sword"

Tuesday, 7 September 2004 — 5:00pm | Journalism

You see, Kratos is the token mysterious mercenary fighter with dark brown anime-hair and a purple get-up who follows you around in Tales of Symphonia.

Here is an interesting subtlety sighted today on a student group pamphlet at the U of A Clubs Fair, courtesy of DemocracyNow, formerly known as Students For A Stronger Alberta:

DemocracyNow is a non-partisan organization that fulfills its mission objectives by… Sponsoring the creation and operation of a University of Alberta online student newspaper called The Independent. This newspaper will be devoted to the unbiased repoting and evaluation of national, provincial, municipal, and campus issues from a student perspective.

So it looks like The Independent will be returning after all, but not in the manner that was expected. Mind you, the transition to an online format does not come as a total surprise given their rumoured financial constraints. Indeed, it looks as though its print run will only total one issue. Now instead of being poised to compete with The Gateway, which it never really did given the significant difference of intent between the two publications, it seeks to go head-to-head with Points of Information.

SFASA’s rebranding is an interesting move in itself. The copy on the DemocracyNow pamphlet is almost identical to the now-defunct SFASA website, so the group clearly has the appearance of maintaining a very Albertan focus. It will be interesting to see if this is a sign of them branching out.

As for The Gateway, it has yet to post the already-released first issue of this academic year on the website. This is a pity, since one would be hard-pressed to comment on Chris Samuel’s piece on the Bobby Fischer trial without the ability to link to that specific article.


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