Sunday, 19 September 2004 — 9:17am | Scrabble

With less than two weeks to go before Western Canadians and just as thoroughly unprepared as I was before New Orleans, I can use all the help I can get when it comes to word study. As far as study aids go I still swear by the freeware flashcard program LeXpert, though if Mike Wolfberg’s WHAT is everything it promises to be, I would consider shelling out a few bucks for a copy.

I glanced over Mohan Chunkath’s Daily Scrabble Puzzle Blog earlier this week, but promptly forgot about it in spite of its bingo stem exercises. It’s a great idea, mind you, but because it comes from one of the directors of the club in Chennai (Madras), India, the whole thing is in SOWPODS. Given that I am not preparing for the World Championships, nor does it seem I will be moving to England at least until my education is finished, this makes it rather useless for my purposes. It would probably serve to confuse me more than help.

Of course, today I realized that the bingo puzzle solutions do indicate the words that are unplayable in North America with the standard pound symbol, so maybe it could come in handy. But that only applies to the bingo stems, and not the Java-powered anagram crossword puzzles. A pity, really, as an OWL edition of that puzzle blog would be of much utility.


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