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Friday, 24 September 2004 — 1:48pm | Journalism

The Gateway offers the following confirmation:

Campus paper moves online to reach students

U of A students and the community at large will have an alternative to The Gateway, as the new student paper The Independent prepares to go online.

The Independent is run by student group Democracy Now, a non-partisan group focusing on more effective democracy in Alberta (previously known as Students for a Stronger Alberta).

The group hopes taking the paper online – after a single printing last spring – will be a temporary move, as they see themselves going back into print in the future.

The Independent also hopes to reach beyond the University of Alberta campus.

“We want to reach a larger audience than just the University of Alberta. We intend to expand to the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, and Red Deer College,” said Rob Anderson, the president of Democracy Now, adding the only way currently possible to publish the paper was by way of the Internet.

No sign of it yet, but hopefully it will show up soon.

In response to my earlier post bemoaning the lack of puzzles based on the North American dictionary at the Daily Scrabble Puzzle Blog, proprietor Mohan Chunkath has kindly informed me that OWL anagram crosswords are now available on a semi-daily basis. Need a quick dose of humility? Start with this one. I still can’t believe it took me almost half an hour.

Lastly, from the Tokyo Game Show comes a three-minute trailer for Viewtiful Joe 2. Henshin a download, baby.

Next: the obligatory Star Wars post.


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