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Sunday, 3 October 2004 — 3:55pm | Scrabble

Two things, actually. The first, as evidenced by my 6-11 record this weekend, is how to play good Scrabble. The second is that ESPN broadcast the one-hour special of the Wright-Gibson final earlier today, a fact that I was reminded of when I checked my referral logs and found a gaggle of hits from people searching for a definition of Trey’s clinching out-play in Game 3. I’m not positive, since I don’t have my OSPD handy, but I believe a teopan is some sort of Aztec temple.

I missed the show, but you don’t have to. ESPN 2 is running it again at 5:00pm EST on the 14th of October. If anyone satellite-enabled can procure me a videotape or something to that effect, it would be greatly appreciated.

Those of you who get The National Post should look for Dan Lazin’s story on this weekend’s Western Canadian Championship in the Arts section Tuesday or Wednesday – I’m not sure which.

All of my Edmonton readers probably know this by now given that it has really begun to percolate over the last few days, but for the rest of you this may be news: man, Jung-Suk is in trouble.


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