Real, or just my fantasy?

Thursday, 7 October 2004 — 10:27am | Video games

How about both?

This in the Nintendo DS launch lineup. Completely revamped entries in franchises such as Super Mario 64 and Rayman – and that’s not considering brand-new titles with untested monikers . I’m a bit disappointed about Animal Crossing not coming out until later in the release cycle, though.

The price point for games is currently expected to be in the ballpark of USD$29.99, which is comparable to the budget releases of home console titles that have had a few months to settle, and about as much as one should consider paying for a portable title – no more.

But here’s something: also announced today was that Square/Enix’s launch contribution will be none other than Final Fantasy III.

The question being, which one?

See, the Final Fantasy III we all know and love on this continent – the one with Terra, the Espers and the opera house scene – was actually the sixth instalment in the disconnected series. North America skipped right over III, IV and V. While the last two eventually saw release, the Japanese Final Fantasy III never left the Land of the Rising Sun.

I nearly got my hopes up, too. GameSpot claims that this is indeed a remake of the Japanese Famicom title, and there is still no indication that it will end up on our shores in English, even on the DS platform.

There’s more to come tonight at a press conference in Seattle, including a Shigeru Miyamoto appearance rumoured to feature the new Zelda. The DS one, that is – nothing’s been heard of the next GameCube Zelda since its announcement last May.


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