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Wednesday, 13 October 2004 — 1:33pm | Studentpolitik

As the title of this post suggests, the reason for the lack of updates here over the past week was in part due to the Canadian Thanksgiving. Such negligence could hardly be considered a crime – or even a Crimea, as the case may be – but I do apologize.

Up here in Canada, the Thanksgiving period is not nearly as critical a stakeout for box-office returns as it is in the United States, when you have the annual rollout of the late-November tentpole pictures. As such, all I caught this weekend was Shark Tale, which I may review in full sometime soon, time and effort willing. Unlike Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite, my analyses of which are insofar non-existent, Shark Tale is openly mediocre in ways that make a review of it easier to pull off the shelf.

While on the subject of animation, this year’s Edmonton International Film Festival – which kicks off tomorrow and will run until Tuesday the 19th – includes in its lineup the annual Best of the Ottawa International Animation Festival reel, screening at the Garneau at 11am Saturday and 5pm Monday. Longtime Café Canadien readers will remember just how much I enjoyed last year’s.

I must unfortunately miss most of the Film Festival on account of a debate tournament in Saskatchewan, but I do plan to attend the Monday screening of the Ottawa winners, and will comment accordingly.

Speaking of commenting accordingly, I promised earlier that I would offer something a little more substantive regarding the Adam Knisely issue, but decided instead that it would be best to wait it out until the dust had settled somewhat. Whether or not said dust has indeed settled is open to debate, but my understanding is that Knisely’s resignation went through, and his subsequent rescindment was denied. On Tuesday, there was a motion before Council for his reappointment, which was defeated.

That was the wrong decision, but my reasons for saying so will have to wait.


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