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Tuesday, 30 November 2004 — 3:20pm | Literature, Video games

I already suspected Nintendo had gone completely nuts when I spent an hour or two drawing trampolines on the lower screen of their latest handheld. To quote Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, “He no nuts, he’s crazy!”

Further evidence of the company returning to being as delightfully bonkers as it was in the glory days is its Metroid haiku contest. You know the drill – “Five in the first line / Seven in the second line / Five in the last line.” Apparently, the entries are going to be adjudicated by a bona fide black-belt haiku master. Due date: 6 December.

You can never have enough writing competitions, really. Speaking of which, I would like to remind my audience that tips concerning local writers’ circles or workshops are always welcome. And for that matter, chess clubs.

Speaking of chess, here’s a link from a while back that I never posted: for all you Harry Potter fans out there, check out the full, uncut Weasley-McGonagall position as designed for the film of The Philosopher’s Stone, and this accompanying analysis by games expert Jim Geary.

Next: A review of Alexander by someone who knows what he’s talking about.


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