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Thursday, 3 February 2005 — 11:51am | Television

Enterprise has been cancelled. Jeopardy! aside, it was the last television series I bothered following until even that came to an end, when my schedule prevented me from keeping up as much as I would have liked. Apparently the Temporal Cold War is over and they were just beginning to work on some neat prequel concepts, too – transporters, eugenics, and all sorts of fun with Vulcans. A shame, a crying shame.

This pretty much spells the end of Star Trek for good. To borrow a hackneyed phrase, it’s dead, Jim. The movie spinoffs died with Nemesis, and now the franchise is coming off the air, too. I don’t envision it undergoing another revival anytime soon, if ever, though Berman and Braga tend to have occasional fits of desperation when pimping off Gene Roddenberry’s lovechild. I shudder at the imagined thought of them drawing up plans for a Starfleet Academy series to appeal to the O.C. crowd, an endeavour that would be as futile as resistance itself.

On the other hand, between Enterprise and hockey, now you can quite definitively say that there is nothing to watch on television.

In the meantime, take a minute to gawk over these Super Mario Bros. collectible dioramas. I want them. I want all of them.


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