Hell of a way to end a partnership

Tuesday, 17 May 2005 — 3:42pm

Until sometime this afternoon, I was convinced that the Liberal minority government had lasted entirely too long and deserved a swift kick in the nuts to send it hobbling out the door – preferably this Thursday over the budget vote, when I would be too busy watching Revenge of the Sith to give a hoot.

After a number of disconnected events up to and including this, I came to realize the error of my thinking. I am now fine with the way things are, for this is the most thoroughly hilarious government under which I’ve ever had the masochistic pleasure to live, and I want to treasure every moment with it. Besides, I’m already going to see a government of considerably greater influence crumble underneath the machinations of a less dithersome ruler coupled with a cataclysmic betrayal in just over a day now.

Not much in politics beats a defection, though it’s probably a lot less fun if it happens to you, yet a lot more fun if spaceships are involved. You can’t read stuff this good on LiveJournal (though it often comes close).

Out of apathy more than tact, the snide retrospective comments about how the PC-Alliance merger was a horrible idea from the get-go can wait.


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