A thousand tiles away

Monday, 22 August 2005 — 9:12pm | Scrabble

Subtract one or two divisions, and this is my life. It’s also an excellent Wall Street Journal piece by Scrabble’s patron journalist Stefan Fatsis. He captures the travails of losing game after game in Division 3 far better than this guy did in the same category last year when he, too, plummeted faster than a coyote in an Acme bat-suit. But for him, the real punishment came on Days 3 and 4 of the tournament, whilst Stefan is holding up well – breaking even at 9-9, +229 and ranked 59th of 135. He needs to be a lot further in the black to keep his rating, but if he doesn’t, more’s the chance I’ll get to play him come 2006 – that is, if I dig myself out of the hole without being too terribly befuddled by the gargantuan lexical overhaul that is moving in over the next few months.

In other news, this was a terrific story while it lasted, but I found the ending to be a little anticlimactic. I suppose we’re all in the mood for a melody. I’ve also been told that Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is the most frequently requested cocktail piano tune, which is a reasonable hypothesis, but one that I have yet to test on a sufficiently large data set to substantiate with experimental observation.


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