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Wednesday, 30 November 2005 — 11:56pm | Music, Pianism

I’m told that the choir I play with is performing Saturday evening at Convocation Hall, somewhere in the vicinity of 8pm. Admission is $10 for students and $15 for all of you other folks. Aside from little oddities like banquets and weddings, this will be my first public performance in several years, so if you absolutely insist on missing it, do have the courtesy to at least miss it very deliberately.

I’m also seeing Filumena tomorrow, as far as I have been made aware. I don’t expect to have the opportunity to review the Edmonton Opera production anytime soon or relevant, not even in the form of a capsule (a capsule review or a time capsule – take it however you wish), but word is that I won’t have to: the overwhelming sentiment preceding the show is that it speaks for itself, and admirably at that.

And then it’s back to work. You probably don’t want to hear about that, unless it so happens you have a perverse fascination with suboptimal approximation algorithms or semantic analysis of formal grammars. And if you do, welcome to the club.

On a tangentially operatic non sequitur: is it Towy Season or Gwit Season?


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