Radio silence in the Misinformation Age

Monday, 1 May 2006 — 6:42pm | Literature

So I’m writing a novel.

Here’s the scoop: National Novel Writing Month is typically in November, savvy? But here at the U of A, where Novembers are populated with studious activities and the systematic avoidance thereof, a gaggle of us have committed to doing it in May. That’s 50,000 words by the 31st: on paper, not a staggering figure, but the first word takes the longest.

I would like to suggest that as a result, this blog is going to shut down for the month, but it probably won’t happen. At a glance, the next four weeks bring us the film adaptation of a hit novel by my favourite literary whipping boy (the one with the bloodthirsty albino monks), the complete revelation of the Nintendo Wii (wii!), a potential Battle of Alberta playoff series, fewer than four weddings and hopefully no funerals.

So in the meantime, I recommend that you direct your summer-employment blog addictions to the eloquent Geoffrey Chaucer.

I’m surprised at the number of former and current journalist types on the list of participants, myself included. Don’t you guys get tired?


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