Of Flames and Senators

Wednesday, 3 May 2006 — 11:40pm | Jazz, Music

Han shot first. Unfortunately, so did the Ducks.

That was disappointing. I was really hoping the Flames would meet the Oilers in battle this year, if only to counteract my vague and hazy childhood memories of Esa Tikkanen getting in the way of things. After losing my collection of photographs from the 2004 playoff run with the collapse of my last hard drive – and let me tell you, I captured some fine shots of the most victorious deportment – I was hoping for a replacement. And now, to put up with rowdy Oilerfolk all by their lonely selves; just as I was about to wish them well, too, after such an entertaining drama of rise, fall and redemption on the rink Monday night. Uh, go Sens, or something.

Speaking of senators, I went to see Tommy Banks perform at the Yardbird Suite with a veritable who’s-who of Edmonton jazz. I didn’t actually see him, though, since they sold out just as I arrived, and I listened by the door for the full hour of the first set until it was clear nobody was leaving. There, I could at least discern that Senator Banks still handles Duke Ellington with care, though half the fun of live jazz is the realization that it’s actually live theatre. On the other hand, this meant I witnessed the arrival of the Governor-General and her band of merry men from the RCMP as she had a photo-op with Stephen Mandel a few feet away. Both of them had very nice cars.

To quote Chris Jones (upon witnessing Kevin Taft jump the line and waltz right on in ahead of us): “If it’s not okay for Medicare, why is it okay for Musicare?”


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