Missing: musical talent (reward if found)

Tuesday, 1 May 2007 — 10:41pm | Jazz, Music, Pianism

Nobody known to me who reads this space was there to see it, but I guarantee you that my jaunt to the Yardbird tonight led to what is unquestionably the worst I have played in years. For some reason, I just flat-out forgot how to work a piano (in a profoundly public situation, no less). It may have been because the B-flat feedback on my monitor sent me into a timid corner wherein I performed with an impotent absence of confidence and conviction, or because I hadn’t so much as touched a keyboard in three days and had committed my fingers to more rudimentary motor functions like the inspection and sorting of resistors, or because the hundred-some tunes I’d taken to the woodshed in the past half a year curiously did not include much in the way of rhythm changes (let alone a head as tricky as “Oleo”), or because I’ve fully diverted the attention of my Creative Processing Unit to the writing of fast-food prose (which is going quite smoothly, thank you), or because of that Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile (I remain convinced I play better after a drink or two, but maybe that only applies when I’ve had dinner), but no matter the cause, that was an embarrassment on the order of a slaughter on the sandlot with Charlie Brown on the pitcher’s mound.

Well, let us make the best of this debacle and not smother the furious passion of disappointment, but stoke it into a phoenix of a bonfire. I have a 50,000-word trek ahead of me, and I need fuel.

But first, I’ll get lost in the woods.


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