The not-so-Wednesday book club

Saturday, 7 February 2009 — 3:25pm

In case anybody is wondering about the state of the weekly book feature: I am still doing it. The service interruption of the past fortnight is of a temporary nature, and I fully plan to catch up and stay on pace for 52 reviews in 52 weeks.

While the plan is to adhere strictly to the weekly schedule once more, I must admit that one of the difficulties of keeping myself to a book a week is how it discourages tackling larger volumes on a whim. One can probably gather, from the brevity of the last few books I’ve featured, that I am ever so slightly busier than before. Selecting them was a good idea at the time, though now the long books on my shelf are mustering and ready to strike.

I do have some other ideas on the go that will hopefully make it to this space soon, but I make no promises. For those of you who aren’t doing so already, may I recommend a subscription to my RSS feed so you don’t have to drop by the site to wait for updates in vain, and eventually forget it exists.


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