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VGMix is back online

Monday, 3 November 2003 — 1:10am | Game music, Music, Video games

After being relegated to the relatively small non-techno fraction of OverClocked Remix and streaming WTMK: Mario Radio for far too long, video game music aficionados can rejoice: VGMix is once again alive and kicking.

This does not absolve it of the same property that is my primary gripe about OCRemix – that is, too much annoying electronica, not enough in the way of acoustic/orchestral/jazz arrangements – but in both cases, the fault lies within what appeals to the majority of the game music community. The arrangers out there who really show off a sense of musicality are exceptional, but they only number so many.

Generally speaking, VGMix’s reopening is nothing but good news. This means a greater inflow of work to listen to and enjoy. It also means a greater inflow of work to not enjoy, but who cares? Here is one case of quantity trumping proportion.

As for my own game music arrangement work, which to date has been exclusively for solo piano, I expect production to go into full swing (and academic productivity to grind to a complete halt) as soon as I can scrounge up the cash for one of these babies. Expect proof online whenever this finally happens.

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